What is Marketplace?

Data centers experiences and professional background lead TCC Technology to be an expert in technology solution and innovative tools especially for business management. Moreover one of our missions is to support and deliver all the success to our clients. 

From this result, we place great importance on progress of every business units and subsidiaries in the TCC Group. We are committed to offer quality services to ensure customer is satisfaction and trust. Therefore, we have significantly provided our standard products and services to internal group with lots of value added such as software and hardware rental &trading, IT Provisioning service and etc. in very good price. 

Additionally, we listen intently to our customers at all times, always seeking new ways to bolster customer satisfaction. So, we developed e-commerce website name TCCT Marketplace as additional channel to provide one stop shopping to give more convenience to all clients.

Why you have to choose marketplace?

Good quality product in attractive price:

We select only good quality models that suit for business usage and also best price from the leading brands. We offer a broad range of products and services and present them to clients in a way that's easy to understand and use. Moreover, we guaranteed that they are the intelligent productivity models, durable with proven industry-standard features in exclusive price.

TCCT Marketplace is positioning to be best product quality at best price with best support e-retailer for internal clients. This site is aimed only for our TCC group members so no one else can have such privilege to enter the site.

Convenient process:

The 6 easy steps to order via Marketplace (Search, Click, Print, Sign, and Send back) could helps you reduce time. No need to search product information or find a lot of vendors and make the comparison because we already offer you the best price. 

Moreover, our team recently modified more functions to help our customers to process order automatically without needs to print out and sign back to confirm order. The clients can also get the confirmed delivery date via this express service. To gain this kind of service, clients will need to sign the marketplace application form to automatically approve the order without required signature.

Special offer:

Here's the right place for a good deal. Be a marketplace customer, client could gain lots of benefit because we always have special offer as follows:

- We offer 3 or 5 year on-site warrantee for notebook and PC respectively product.
- Licensed software is included in rental hardware product.
- Some products are exclusive model, They will be sold in TCCT Marketplace only

Best support:

We realize that every client desires fast services, easy procedures and personal attention. Therefore our support team works hard to ensure that we meet the needs of our clients and acts in their best interests. This means offering outstanding products and services with helpful, courteous and responsive manner. 

We aim to work proactively to support your organization, which is why we have full-time dedicated Marketplace Executive to look after clients and ensure client's smooth transaction via TCCT Marketplace. 

Thus, any problem in TCCT Marketplace, you can contact our Marketplace Executive at tradingrentalservices:-!  click Contact Us